What to Look for in Window Tinting Classes

Student tinting the inside of the window
Window tinting can provide several benefits. The tint film generally reduces heat inside of the car. It also can prevent fading of your car’s interior, reduce glare, and can provide privacy as well. During the tinting process, a transparent sheet of film is applied to the interior window of a vehicle.

There are a number of resources that provide window tinting classes, but typically not all classes are created equal. Some classes claim to be quick — just a few hours — while others take several days learning the process. In order to select the best classes, carefully look at the course content before deciding whether or not to sign up.

Class Content

Obviously, window tinting classes should be complete in their class material; otherwise, you could lack the skills for most situations. The information should also have both practical and theoretical components. Students should apply what they hav learned in class for their training to be the most effective. Therefore, class course content should, but not limited to, contain the following material:

  • Keys to being a professional window tinter
  • The proper tools to use
  • Proper chemical and mounting solutions
  • Various types of window tint films
  • Tint film cutting and cleaning techniques
  • The two major types of shrinking techniques: Wet and dry
  • Cutting and installation methods for the various types of windows e.g., back, side, sun strips, and frameless
  • Door panel removal (auto tinting) and film cutting machines
  • Window tint laws – These often vary per state
  • Fading factors of film and what to do about them
  • How to properly remove window tint film

In addition, the best classes will also include:

  • Purchasing sources for film and supplies and how to possibly get dealership level buying power
  • How to handle extraordinary situations that you may encounter in the field
  • Optional tools for best performance
  • How to watch out for Common mistakes
  • Provide the proper hands-on experience
  • How to understand pricing quotes

Classes in these subjects can help to reduce the confusion arising from selecting the right film for a variety of purposes, including automotive, commercial, and safety/security.

Why Window Tinting Classes

If you plan to add automotive window tinting and/or flat glass tinting to the services that you currently offer to your customers, or as a start-up operation, then the proper window tinting classes can be an excellent way to learn this art form. You can watch videos or a person perform the task, but a professional course taught by an experienced instructor can give you the essential hands-on element needed to succeed. By learning how to tint windows from a professional trainer, you can offer these services with greater confidence than attempting to be self-taught; which can ultimately lead to a very frustrating and costly outcome to you.