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Mobile Training Addendum

During your mobile training course you will be taught a variety of lessons and shown multiple tinting techniques. You will need additional supplies in order to perform these lessons during your training. These supplies are not required to be brought by the instructor(s) considering you will most likely need these items anyway (as with most tint shops) in order to perform your tinting installations after your training.

Below is a list of items, tools, and supplies you will be required to purchase 15 days prior to your mobile training course; unless otherwise agreed. Please print this addendum for your reference. These things will be explained in more detail and you will be shown their usage in your training. This is not a complete list of things recommend in your course, but ones that will be needed in order to train you properly on the lessons which will be taught. Thank you for your cooperation as we look forward to your one-of-a-kind training experience!

Please check the item(s) you already own, while others can be purchased through your local retailers or on-line and can easily be returned if needed. Please know that part numbers tend to change, so we suggest personally contacting the retailers if needed. The suggested retail sources are as follows denoted by a symbol(s): Home Depot(*), Office Depot (**), (***), (****) Sears (*#), Walmart (**#).

If unsure about obtaining any item above, please contact us ASAP. If you are unable to obtain these items 15 days prior to your “Start Date” (unless otherwise noted) you will need to contact and/or Madico @ (888)-887-2022 and 44tools @ (866) 448-6657 ASAP!

NOTE: IF your training area DOES NOT have heating and/or IF the temperatures are expected to be below 60º during the training, then the heater & tank noted above will be required for you to purchase.