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The 5-Day Beginning Auto course is our most popular hands-on automotive window tinting training and is now only $1200! This tuition fee is for a limited time only AND can ultimately be FREE (see details below). This course "starts" on the 1st & 3rd Monday of every month with a maximum of only 4 students per week and is scheduled from 8 am to 5 pm everyday.


We also offer the 3-Day Intermediate Auto and/or a 1-Day Advanced Auto course; which both are already included in the 5-Day course! Please know the 3-Day and 1-Day Auto courses are designed for an experienced auto tinter that wants to improve their existing skills (see details below). NOTE: all course Start Dates are subject to change unless otherwise noted.


Keep in mind, please don't fooled by any "so-called" window tinting schools that do not offer the valuable curriculum time you need AND have the experience we do! But don't take our word for HERE to see what our graduates had to say about us when it came to making the best choice for their training needs...just as you are doing right now!


Please see details below, or if you're ready now, then please go directly to the Registration Page.






The following is a small example of some of the areas and techniques you will be taught here at, with a glimpse into our "Secret Tips"; which will be the most important lessons to be learned, also the Question and Answer section (see link below), along with our money back guarantee as well... Yes, money back guarantee!!!. All of this followed by our tuition fees; which can ultimately become FREE, YES FREE...see details below on this page.  


Our Training Curriculum / Syllabus

Monday: Day 1 of the 5-Day Beginning Automotive Course

  • Cost Avg.: Install = $200, Materials = $40, Time = 2hr., Profit = $80 per hr!
  • Introduction: Goals, Training & Tinting Manuals and Course Agenda
  • The Keys to being a Professional Window Tinter (a.k.a. “Secret Tips”)
  • Tools: The Answers for the Perfect Tools w/ Description & Customization
  • Proper Chemicals & Mounting Solutions: The Automotive “Secret Sauce”
  • Prepping Techniques: Cutting & Squeeging 101 and The Automotive “Process”
  • Starting an Installation: Things to Look for Prior to Tinting (a.k.a. “The 6-Pack”)

Tuesday: Day 2 of the 5-Day Beginning Automotive Course

  • Review Secret Tips and The 6-Pack: Questions & Answer Time w/ “FUN” Prize Points
  • Film History, Types, Properties and Warranty Deceptions
  • Installation Techniques: Roll-ups, Quarter Glass & “Sun Strips” (aka Visors/Brow)
  • Door Panel Removal and Film Cutting Machines (a.k.a. Plotters): NOT Required

Wednesday: Day 3 of the 5-Day Beginning Automotive Course

  • Secret Tips/3 Rules Quiz: Questions & Answer Time w/ “FUN” Prize Points
  • Tinting Laws Clarification: Who Is The I.W.F.A.?
  • Fading Factors of Film: “Competition Crushing” Selling Techniques
  • Back Glass Installs: “One Piece” techniques by yourself…yes, by yourself!
  • Shrinking methods: 4 Major Techniques with The Pro’s & Con’s of Each

Thursday: Day 4 of the 5-Day Beginning Automotive Course

  • Secret Tips/3 Rules Quiz: Questions & Answer Time w/ “FUN” Prize Points
  • Variables: Extraordinary Situations You WILL Eventually Find in the Field
  • Sources on Purchasing: Film & Supplies...Dealership Level Buying Power!
  • Installation Options: “Shaved-Edge” & Curved Side Windows (a.k.a. “Wet Shrink”)
  • How to handle the “Dot Matrix”: 4 Customer Price Mark-Up Options
  • Back Glass Options: The 4 Different Optional Installation Techniques
  • Optional Tools: Shop Supplies and Their Sources w/ Key Suggestions

Friday: Day 5 of the 5-Day Beginning Automotive Course  

  • Secret Tips/3 Rules Quiz: Questions & Answer Time w/ “FUN” Prize Points
  • Common mistakes: Key Elements to Avoid and the Signs to Watch Out For
  • Pricing Quotes: Structure, Sales Taxes, and “After the Sale” Concepts
  • SUV Back Glass Installs: Cut-Out Options, Tools and Painting vs. Opaque Pens
  • Film Removal: Roll-ups & Back Glass with The Secret Amazing Results!
  • Repeat all Installation Techniques: Practice & Review Time (a.k.a. “Free-Day”)
  • Graduation Ceremony: Certifications, Pictures, and Q&A “FUN” Prizes Drawing!


5-Day / 3-Day / or 1-Day Auto Course Fees are as follows:  





Wait There's More...FREE Training Course Fees Program!!!


Here's how it works...


If you have not already read about, the best part about our training course(s) is all of your tuition fees can ultimately become FREE! …yes, please let us explain. After your graduation, you will obviously need to purchase film in order to perform your installations, and of course you are welcome to choose any supplier you wish and are under no obligation from us, however, if you choose to purchase film from our recommend supplier/sponsor, then in addition to receiving our negotiated lowest “dealership level” pricing on your behalf, they have also agreed to grant you (my students only) an additional 10% savings up until that total savings amount has equaled your cost of the window tinting course(s) itself. At that time, the 10% discount program will be discontinued, however, you will still receive the dealership level pricing for window film ongoing…it’s that simple! So you see, ultimately all of your window tinting training fees can become FREE! Please contact us for the complete details on how to become a dealer TODAY!



Based on our 5-Day Beginning Automotive Tinting Course above; all students will receive the following...


        • Free Auto Tinting Reference Manual!!! (A $100.00 retail value)


        • Free Transportation* from your hotel to school!!! (A $225.00 value)


        • Free lunches & continental breakfast!!! (A $75.00 value)


        • Free Windowtinting.Com. T-shirt!!! (A $15.95 value)


        • Free Tinting tools!!! (A $150.00 retail value)


           Free Secret Tips!!! (A $99.95 retail value)


        Plus "Dealership level" film buying power!!!...just ask us how?


  WOW!!!  A savings of over $650.00!!!...That's over 1/2 the course itself!!!


*The "hotel to the school and back" transportation is only available for student's that are physically unable to rent a vehicle (i.e., age restrictions, license suspended/revoked, etc.). Please contact us for all the details.


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