Business Management Course

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"My company made over $100,000 in just the first year after I graduated!"
Paul H. ~ Arizona

"Even though I had other school options that were closer to me, I didn't want to settle for second best or an inexperience training school...feels good to be right."
Steve M. ~ Indiana

1-Day Business Management Course Price: ONLY $400!!!
(If registered with any other training course offered)


ONLY $800!!!
(if registered as a "stand-alone" course only)

Yes, this Business Management Training course is optional, but why not add it to your new window tinting skills, and master the art of being a top-notch salesman or future business owner? If so, then this course will be your most important and valuable learning tool out of all the reasons for coming to in the first place. Why, you ask? Simply put, "it won't matter how great you are as an installer, if you can't make a sale to work on in the first place." It is a well know fact that this is a major factor for most failing businesses in America today...don't be the next statistic. That's why we've designed this unique course just for you!

Keep in mind, please don't fooled by any "so-called" window tinting schools that do not offer the valuable curriculum time you need AND have the experience we do! But don't take our word for HERE to see what our graduates had to say about us when it came to making the best choice for their training needs...just as you are doing right now!

In one day, you will be taught and shown proven sales techniques and outstanding managerial aspects; which took us over 25 years to create and perfect. Also, you will be given editable template files for your own customized business forms and no-nonsense contracts* designed to cater to the window tinting industry of today. These lessons and forms are taught in a classroom/seminar personal environment and will be catered especially just for you! OR, you can also choose to purchase these Business Files AND the entire training program in an easy-to-follow CD to learn from in the privacy of your own home for only half the cost of the course itself. You can purchase this program today in the Specialty Items section of our Shopping Cart...simply click HERE.

Our Training Curriculum / Syllabus

  • Cost Average: Sales, Knowledge AND Forms; Profit = Priceless!
  • Work Orders & Appointment Reservation Automotive Forms*
  • Guarantee & After Care Automotive Forms*
  • Estimate / Warrantee Flat Glass Forms*
  • Project Sheet*: Important Time-Table Factors & Secrets Tips
  • Window-to-Film Diagram*: Key Elements to a Precise Installation Lay-Out
  • Marketing Flyers*: How to Entice Your Customers to Call YOU First!
  • Account Agreement: How to Contract with Allie Companies & Proper Disclosures
  • Automotive Catch Phrases: Major Scenarios and "Choice Close" Secrets
  • How to Properly "Kiss Your Sale Goodbye" and to Reassure a Call-Back!
  • After the Appointment: How to Help Eliminate Customer "No-Shows"
  • Sample Display: To Make Your Customer Confident with His/Her Choices
  • Automotive Matrix Areas: Key Phrases to help Solve Customer Concerns
  • Optional Price Add-ons: How to Properly Present "Managerial Mark-Ups"
  • After the Automotive Work Order Form*: Key Disclaimers to Help Protect Your Company
  • Flat Glass Catch Phrases: Major Scenarios and "Choice Close" Secrets
  • Arriving at Property: Initial Over-Views, Preliminary Estimate & Key Conversations
  • Flat Glass Estimates*: How to use Project Sheets, Film Samples & Forms
  • Customer Base: Mailings, Gift Certificates Samples, and Proper "Follow-up Calls"
  • Marketing: Key Ads, Referrals and Multiple ways to help close a "Big Sale"

A remarkable investment to compliment the hands-on training...the template forms* alone are worth hundreds of dollars!!!

To choose this option, simply go to the Shopping Cart (Step #2 on the Registration Page) and submit an additional $50.00 refundable Application Fee* to your Auto Tinting Course registration, or submit a $100.00 refundable Application Fee* if registered by itself and...REGISTER TODAY!!!

This course is scheduled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Sunday
(following the week of an Auto/Flat Glass training course). All course Start Dates are subject to change unless otherwise noted.

Now Available!!!

If you are unable to attend this course, we can offer you the Business Management Files for the low cost of only $200! If you wish to make this purchase, please visit the Specialty Items section of our Shopping Cart...simply click HERE. Please know this is basically all the information that we teach in that course, along with all the forms noted above. This may be a great alternative for you to benefit from the information in this course which you can learn from on your own time at your own pace. NOTE: after you've purchased these files and feel you wished you've registered for the course, please know we will still credit the cost of the files toward the course you can see you've got nothing to lose!

*All students will be given ONE (1) editable file version, or template, of each of these forms; printing not included.