Residential and Commercial Window Tinting Courses

(Also known as "Flat Glass" in the window tinting industry.)

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"My company made over $100,000 in just the first year after I graduated!"
Paul H. ~ Arizona

"Even though I had other school options that were closer to me, I didn't want to settle for second best or an inexperience training school...feels good to be right."
Steve M. ~ Indiana

1-Day Flat Glass Course*
Was $600 now ONLY $400!!!
(*if registered with any Auto Course)


2-Day Flat Glass Course**
Was $900 now ONLY $700!!!
(**if registered without any Auto Course)

(Please see the complete details of our hands-on residential and commercial window tinting training course options in the "Please Note" section below.)

So you think Flat Glass is "easy", think again, look below...are you prepared for what you need to know?

Flat glass window tinting
Flat glass window tinting

The 1-Day Flat Glass Course is an exceptional value to include with your Auto Window Tinting training. Here, you will learn that most windows, no matter how tall or wide, can be tinted by yourself...Yes, by yourself! With near flawless results and in one piece, even if the film is six feet wide. Think it's not possible? Attend our course and see for yourself!

Don't let a "Do-It-Yourself Video" try and show you how to do this "professionally"...When only hands-on-training is the one true answer to completely understanding these well-kept secrets, taught by an experienced instructor here at!

Keep in mind, please don't fooled by any "so-called" window tinting schools that do not offer the valuable curriculum time you need AND have the experience we do! But don't take our word for HERE to see what our graduates had to say about us when it came to making the best choice for their training needs...just as you are doing right now!

Our Training Curriculum / Syllabus

  • Cost Avg.: Install = $1500, Materials = $300, Time = 8hr., Profit = $150 per hr!
  • Review Training & Tinting Manuals and Course Agenda Preparation
  • The Important Differences Between Flat Glass vs. Auto Films & Warrantees
  • Tools: Proper Types & Customizations...A Major Differences from Auto Tools
  • Reviewing the "3 Things How to Make Money" with Flat Glass Installations
  • Specialty Films: Safety/Security, Opaque, Colored, Frost/Decorative, Exterior Types
  • Estimating: Price Quotes, Sales Taxes and "After the Sale" Concepts
  • Proper Chemicals & Mounting Solutions; i.e. The Flat Glass "Secret Sauce"
  • Film Splitting Techniques: Common Mistake to Avoid and Money Saving Secrets!
  • Prepping Techniques: Cutting & Squeeging 101 and The Flat Glass "Process"
  • Tools: The Perfect Ladder's, Spraying Equipment and Key Mobile Items to Have
  • Window Types: "Half-round", Seam Work, "Walk-In Doors" & French Panes Installs
  • Film Removal: "Floating Debris", "Slice & Slide" and "Sweating" Secret Techniques
  • Final Inspection: "3 Rules Before Starting", After-Care and Proper Clean-Up Tips

Please Note:

*The 1-Day Flat Glass Window Tinting Training Course is only offered to those of who have taken any one of the Auto Tinting Course(s), because certain lessons are already taught in those courses that will apply to your Flat Glass training. This Course will be held 8am to 5pm on the Saturday following a regularly scheduled week of any Auto Tinting course and will only be a max of 4 students per class. NOTE: All course Start Dates are subject to change unless otherwise noted.

**The 2-Day Flat Glass Window Tinting Training Course is designed for those students that have not taken our auto tinting courses. This 2-Day course will have the same hours and max of 4 students per class as the 1-Day course, as noted above. This class is normally scheduled to start on every 2nd and/or 4th Wednesday of every month, or more so, NOT during our normally scheduled Auto Training week. However, we sometimes can be flexible on the Start Date, again, considering this course will be held not during an Auto Training Week; which starts on the 1st and/or 3rd Monday of every month. NOTE: All course Start Dates are subject to change unless otherwise noted. Please email or call us for current availability. Thank you!


Flat glass installations demand an average of $5.00 per square foot to install. For example: with one day's worth of work, our students (using our methods) could install approximately 250 square feet of flat glass tinting. This means; 250 square feet x $5.00 per square foot equals $1250.00 for the installation...WOW! As you can see...ONE day's worth of work could pay for this one-day's worth of training PLUS traveling expenses! However, we can't promise these results learning to do this any other way or learning from any other program. So don't hesitate any longer, make the SMART choice by including this option, along with your Auto Tinting Course, to the Shopping Cart (Step#2 on the Registration Page) NOTE: registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis and registration is limited...