Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ's)

Q. "I don't know? It sounds like a lot of money for your window tinting training school."

A. On the contrary, it's a very reasonable fee considering the fast turn-around time to pay yourself back... Yes, pay yourself back!!! Let us explain how: The students that we've taught, empowered with our proven techniques, are able to complete at least 3 cars in one day (some installers do more) with an average list price of $200.00 per car. This means: 3 cars X $200.00 = $600.00 per day X 5 days = $3000.00 per week! As you can see, you could pay for this one-week course, PLUS average travel expenses, with only one week's worth of tinting! ...And the best part is the weeks to follow will be 100% profit for you! No other course in the world can offer this kind of return on your investment. But that investment only starts when you make the decision to attend our one-of-a-kind training course!

Q. "It seems like a lot of time out of my busy schedule."

A. Let us ask you this: Can you remember what you did 15 weeks ago?...Okay, 10 weeks?...All right, how about 7 weeks ago? - Neither can most people. Our point is that it's only one week out of your whole life...and it will come and go with all the rest. But imagine what a difference this one week can do to change your life! Without a doubt, it will definitely improve your current destiny and give you the financial freedom you've been waiting for!

Q. "It all sounds great, but I just don't have the money right now."

A. That's understandable, but there are many ways to pay for this course. One is to start saving right now, or use a credit card that you were holding onto for just this kind of opportunity. You can also apply for PayPal Credit. I'm sure you can think of a number of reasons "why not to", but consider the one most important reason "why to do" -> successful business people will agree, "You have to spend money to make money", and the best part the end, it's all for you!

Q. "It's too far for me to travel."

A. Even though we have multiple training locations nationwide, which still might not be right across town for everyone, but imagine how great it would be to come here to beautiful San Diego, California...then you get trained by our founder and chief instructor, Robert Doan. So, if you've never been here, you are in for a real training/vacationing treat! I understand your traveling concerns, however, think of us as the Harvard of window tinting schools...and you know there is only one Harvard! Also, please know that the average traveling expenses (flight, hotel, transportation, etc.) is only about $800 from most anywhere in the country. And if you take our most popular course, the 5-Day Beginning Auto Tinting for our discounted tuition (this month only) at $1200 your total training cost would be only $2000. With that said, if you tinted only 10 cars at $200 each that would easily pay yourself back for this initial $2000 investment! In addition to that; you know there are good doctors out there and bad ones, as well as good mechanics and bad ones and the same is known about teachers (or instructors)... and again, there are, of course, good ones and bad ones. Again, with that said, our best advice to you is when making a big decision to change your career destiny is always think of "how good something will be for you in the long-run, and not how far it is for one-time to get there".

On a personal note from our President/instructor

Hello everyone,

Let me first say; that if you can think of any other reason for not attending and benefiting from our state-of-the-art courses, please call me anytime. You've got my 800 number...remember I'm always here for you!

Also keep in mind, please do not make the mistake by trying to learn this technical art form and skilled trade from a DVD/Video alone. Those can be great additional learning tools, but only professional hands-on training will be the one answer to truly learning the skill of window tinting. In addition, you have my assurance that there will be no more than 4 students at a time, per course, so each and everyone of you will get the personal instructions you deserve!!!

Sincerely, Robert Doan

— Guarantee Policy —

All of us here at are so completely confident in this course that we believe you'll walk out of here a professionally ready installer...That we Guarantee it!!! Which means, if you feel that you did not fully understand any or all of this course, you will then have the opportunity for more hands-on training of any lessons taught, for up to an additional five business days of instructional time Free-of-Charge*!!! This will guarantee you'll know we are serious about teaching our secrets and to prove our only motivation is to truly see you learn this wonderful and highly profitable art form. Rest assured after learning our proven techniques, you will be able to demonstrate to everyone, you are one of the many proud graduates!!! "You've got nothing to lose...

*See the Student Agreement Terms & Conditions for more details.