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In case you’ve missed the exciting news on our Home Page… the Online e-Learning School offering Real Video Training Courses … which are definitely NOT a “typical” YouTube experience. To get started, simply watch the Opening Video above, for a brief introductory message, then click on the Video Training Courses button below to take a FREE TOUR of our 4 most popular video courses and individual video classes, with more short video information, to see which options of our Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film (PPF) Master Class Video Training Courses are best for you!

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Rest assured, you will see the many advantages of the Video Training Courses, such as, no longer having to consider the high cost of travel, being away from home, and having access to our training any time YOU want … and since everyone has asked for it over the years … we’ve now delivered it just for you!

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"My company made over $100,000 in just the first year after I graduated!"
Paul H. ~ Arizona

"Even though I had other school options that were closer to me, I didn't want to settle for second best or an inexperience training school...feels good to be right."
Steve M. ~ Indiana

Congratulations! You have just taken your first step towards a career -- learning to master the wonderful world of window tinting. This unique art form has been kept a secret for many years, and only the "best of the best" have been able to perfect their skills, mainly through trial and error...until now.

Our Chief Instructor and Corporate Instructor, who have been in this field for many decades, will teach you their "tricks of the trade" techniques and well-known "near flawless" applications.

Therefore, do your research and don't be fooled by any other window tinting schools claiming they have the same valuable training curriculum or experience that we do! But don't take our word for HERE to see what our graduates had to say about us when it came time to making the best choice for their training needs...just as you are doing right now!

Window Tinting Training School Classroom
Window Tinting Training School Classroom

If you have any doubts about us, please understand that most other schools might be taught by an average everyday installer who would probably only demonstrate what they know and not focus on the most important aspect of what you should know. Also, there may be other schools offered by some tinting manufacturers, which are usually over-crowded, and would probably only show you just enough to "get by," but are mainly interested in how much tint you're going "to buy"... not with us! Our experienced instructors will personally guide you through your Hands-On-training carefully and patiently. We promise, they won't leave you in the dark by trying memory exercises on you, or pressuring you to buy something that you didn't come here for in the first place.

At, our main goal and focus is to see you become the “Best of the Best” and provide the only private training course you'll ever need...that's a promise.