Automotive, Residential and Commercial Window Tinting Tool Kits

We take the "guess work" out of choosing the right window tinting installation tools for you!!!

Two Kits... All You Will Ever Need!

We have put together the two kits we feel are ALL you will ever need as a Do-It-Yourself or Professional film installer. Our kits contain not only the tools, but also an explanation of their use and Secret Tips in using them...unlike our competitors that sell you a variety of tools that do the same job...and without telling you why?

The Automotive Tool Kit

The Automotive Kit

Everything you see for only $95.00

A savings of over 20% off retail Keep in mind the descriptions & tips alone are worth the money!!!


The Flat Glass Kit

The Flat Glass Kit

Everything you see for only $85.00

A savings of over 20% off retail!
Keep in mind the descriptions & tips alone are worth the money!!!


Here is an example of our description & secret tip for one of the tools supplied in our kits:

"Olfa A" Knife: This is our long-standing, personal favorite. Referred to as the "Pro" cutter, the "A" cutter features the famous stainless steel blade channel for strength and a positive slide lock. Molded handle in the distinctive Olfa yellow color provides excellent anti-slip control for those wet installations. Complete with a steel pocket clip/blade snapper. Guaranteed Forever! Secret Tip ~ Avoid the common mistake made when loading the blade into the knife...always turn the knife over so that gravity allows the "back" (non-sharp side) of the blade to slide through the knife's channel so to NOT pre-dull the "sharp" side of the blade before initial use.

So take advantage of over 25 years of Knowledge & Experience that's being handed down just for you
...and it's only one click away!!!