Enter To Win

Contest Rules & Conditions

(The following information ONLY applies to our Hands-On Window Tinting Training Courses)

Please know that we adhere to a strict privacy policy and that your email address will NOT BE sold to any third party affiliate or marketing agency. No registration is required in order to submit an entry. However, upon your submittal into the Enter To Win contest (for waiver of all Application Fees), you understand that there can only be one submission per person per email address on a monthly basis; and please click on the Click to Submit button only once. Each submission is entitled to waving of the Application Fees up to a $200 value depending on which, if not all, course(s) you are requesting registration. If you are selected as the monthly winner, and wish to participate, you must submit your registration (as per the instructions on the Registration Information page) for the month in which you won. Please know that the actual Start Date for which you register for DOES NOT have to be in the month for which you won, only that you must submit the half down/first payment for the course(s) of your desire in order for the Application Fee(s) to be waived. If you don't submit the first payment within the month for which you won, your entry into the contest will be void; however, you will therefore be entitled to submit for the Enter To Win contest in the following months thereafter and will most likely be done automatically for you; unless you request otherwise. All registration requirements are still contingent upon receiving of the Student Agreement; as shown in step #3 of the Registration Information page. The random drawing to select the winners will usually be held on the 1st day of every month and all entries for that month must be received at least 3 days prior to that drawing. This promotion/discount is not valid with any other offers, promotions or multi-student discounts expressed, written or implied. All winners will usually be notified within 2 days after the drawing...so good luck! Thank you!