Flat Glass Tinting Installation Manual

Get this Residential and Commercial Window Tinting Installation Instruction Manual loaded with illustrations to apply tinting to any flat glass window in your home or office ~ for ONLY $99.95

Here is a sample of what you get...

Step 1. Pre-Cut Film Pattern ~ by first knowing what your total length and width measurements are. Proceed to pull the film out of your box and cut it (if it applies, have the shortest of the two measurements be the distance of your pull). Then start your reverse roll process, with a dry piece of film (as shown in figure 1a). From the bottom of your pattern to the top, roll the pattern up into a semi-tight tube (as shown in figure 1b) just enough to slip one finger in-and-out of the core. Then place a piece of scotch tape in the center to secure the free edge to the roll. Make a doubled-overlap in the tape (as a tab) for ease of removal. Place roll aside for now.

Bonus Tip: If you have two windows in the same frame, always tint the top window first and let it dry. If you tint the bottom window first, you will have the risk of the solution seeping down from the top installation into the pattern on the bottom due to gravity.

Along with these easy to follow directions, you will be shown the right tools for the job and the "what to do’s" before you start the installation. Plus you will receive 3 FREE email tech support questions, just in case you get in a jam!

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Installation instruction & illustration provided are guide lines only and individual results may vary.