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Here are a few examples of what to expect:

#2. SITUATION: You are ready to cut your pattern, but behind the film is a sensitive area (such as a car's vinyl top or soft rubber molding); you don't want to pierce through the film, yet need to know where to cut your pattern...SECRET TIP: Turn your cutting tool or "Olfa" over and use the non-sharp (back) side of the blade. Continue to make your cut like normal (with a little lighter pressure). This scores the film, enabling you to make your finishing cut on the glass.

#12. SITUATION: Creating a mixture of application solution to a 32 oz. bottle should always start with a simple combination first...SECRET TIP: Use 80% water; most tap water is acceptable, but filtered water can be used. 15% Slip-Up; no dilution is needed. 5% Film-On Concentrate; no dilution is needed. Or use as directed on both bottles of Slip-Up & Film-On. NOTE: depending on the climate or time of year, you may need to modify the Slip-Up & Film-On ratios; i.e. for summer time, or when the humidity is high, use more Slip-Up and less Film-On. For winter time use just the opposite. Also, 1 teaspoon of Johnsons Baby (plain) Shampoo can be added to allow more slip.

#29. SITUATION: You're having a problem with the film adhering to the dot matrix or line matrix surface and/or would like to minimize the finished appearance (or frosted) look of the installation...SECRET TIP: Use a product called "Dot Devil" (part#M2757) directly on the matrix surface. First, apply a light and even coat using a paper towel, and then wait approx. 10-15 minute. Next, moderately scrub the area with "000" (VERY FINE) Steel Wool on the Matrix itself; without going onto the visible glass if possible. Finally, lightly spray again, and use a squeegee with a paper towel under it, to catch the dirty solution. NOTE: A drop cloth may be needed.

#36. SITUATION: When removing film from a window and the adhesive is too difficult to remove by the normal razor blade and solution process...SECRET TIP: Use the product called "Simple Pink" (explained in Film Removal Techniques; page 8) and moderately apply directly to the adhesive itself; allow it to soak for about 2 minutes. Then spray moderately with the regular solution and continue with the scraping as normal. NOTE: On a rear defrosted window repeat the same process, but use a Scrubbie pad NOT a metal blade; or try using plastic blade instead or even an "Orange Bondo" card to help remove stubborn adhesive. Repeat the process if necessary.

#37. SITUATION: The finished installation (or old film installations) are not quite adhering to the dot matrix or even the matrix border edge of the glass (or even on plain glass)...SECRET TIP: Carefully peel back the exposed section of film, and apply a small amount of "3M Promoter Pen" (#4298) directly on the adhesive itself, then immediately re-tact the film (NOT using any solution) and pressing down using a hard card with a paper towel; apply heat to the outside if needed.

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