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Endorsements from Liaquat

Liaquat "Big Al" K. ~ Illinois

Great Instructor! Robert has a nice way of explaining things that anyone can understand and easily learn from. Excellent! Excellent!

Chad R. ~ West Virginia

For someone to have only a one-week course to show you how to become a window tinter, I KNOW we were shown the best way to do it! This IS the place to come! A great teacher and a great environment to learn in…Thank you, Robert.

Dev N. ~ Texas

I already have 3 trades working in the fields of a major airline, tire service and even the real estate services, but coming into class I knew nothing about the tint, products or reasons for using these items. By the end the course I feel that I have been equipped with the tools and knowledge to be a “Great Installer” and have a fun and rewarding NEW career now tinting auto’s and homes/businesses. Thanks, Robert.

Israel L. ~ Colorado

I would like to talk more about this but is hard for me to do English. Only thing I can tell you is I am very happy and have a very good teacher.

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