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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Andrew O. ~ Nevada, Joel M. ~ Nevada, Jordan M. ~ Texas, Robert G. ~ Wisconsin

Andrew O. ~ Nevada

Robert is fantastic!  Excellent attitude and personality! Very patient with his students and committed to help the students understand! Do you smell that!? That is Robert… 'cause he is the s**t!

Joel M. ~ Nevada

My personal experience at was exciting, fun and very understanding.  The course is as easy as “1, 2, 3.”  Thank you so much for this opportunity to take your time to teach me.  Keep up the great work. Take care!

Jordan M. ~ Texas

I’ve been around this industry for about 7 years now and have installed off and on for about a year.  I honestly have learned more in this 5 day course than the prior 7 whole years. Thanks again Robert.  You’ve not heard the last of me.

Robert G. ~ Wisconsin

Awesome course! Learned everything and had a great time attending. Great job…very professional!

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