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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Aurelio Z. ~ California, Francisco C. ~ California, Erica S. ~ Ohio, Thomas H. ~ Nevada

Aurelio Z. ~ California

This school is THE BEST! Just ask me! The form of how the course is explained is on the website. I loved everything about it…including the lunches.

Francisco C. ~ California

I loved the class. The training was easy to pick up because of the teaching techniques of Robert showed us. I also loved it because it’s in a relaxed environment and Robert really treats you like if you were one of the family. P.S. Loved the sandwiches, thanks Robert J

Erica S. ~ Ohio

Before I came to this class, watching what I thought was a “professional” tinter was interesting, but it never really taught me much. Even though I wanted to learn from him, he wouldn’t show me what it takes. Now with what I have learned at this school, I feel empowered like a true professional. When I return... I can’t wait to bury him! Vengeance is MINE!!!

Thomas H. ~ Nevada

The class was very fun and Robert was an excellent instructor. Plus the sandwiches are the BEST EVER…Subway eat your heart out!

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