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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Billy M. ~ Arizona, Ronald R. ~ Arizona, Jesse M. ~ Arizona, Chris Y. ~ California

Billy M. ~ Arizona

I had doubts about being able to learn this trade because so many other installers say it takes years; whatever. This course makes it possible to easily learn how to tint and I felt assured that after a little practice I WOULD BE super efficient and a great installer! The course material is presented in a fun and simplified way and not to mention how great the sandwiches where too!

Ronald R. ~ Arizona

As an existing tint shop owner, I can honestly say this was THE best money I have every spent in the investment of my business. After being let down by so many of my “so-called” installers, I can equally say if you want to get back on track and “do it right”...take Roberts class!

Jesse M. ~ Arizona

With so many choices out there when it comes to training, I needed to make a decision on which school I should attend. After talking with Robert, he was very passionate about this industry and after attending my first day, I knew I made the right choice! He made it easy to understand the process and minimized the learning curve. I cannot thank him enough!

Chris Y. ~ California

My experience taking this course was that anyone can figure anything out with enough time…but time is money. Robert is the bridge that connects you with usable information far more than the actual installation itself, and receiving a skill set that you can start your career/business and make that money NOW! It was a definite worthwhile program taking the Auto AND the Flat Glass course. I highly recommend both!

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