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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Brian M. ~ Illinois, Becky M. ~ California, Ben A. ~ England

Brian M. ~ Illinois

This course wore me out…in a good way. I did not think it was possible to do and learn so much in only 5 days. I feel very confident in my future as a window tinter.

Becky M. ~ California

As a female I didn’t know what to expect from a hands on experience from something I never thought I’d understand. However, since day one, Robert explained things in such details that everything turned out to be a piece of cake. If I could do it again I would. Robert is an amazing teacher. It’s obvious he doesn’t do it for money, but for the passion of window tinting. I loved it.

Ben A. ~ England

I came from London, England to complete this course. I would highly recommend any “professional”, novice or wannabe tinters to do this course, unless you’re from London, because once I get back I’ll be setting a hard act to follow! Thanks Rob. P.S. Nice lunches!

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