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Endorsements from Derrick P. ~ New Mexico, Gene P. ~ New Mexico, Maria G. ~ Arizona, Trent P. ~ Indiana

Derrick P. ~ New Mexico

I was a little nervous at first, but soon after, on the first day, everything became pretty comfortable. Rob made it a fun learning experience. I would recommend his class to anyone interested in getting into the tint trade.

Gene P. ~ New Mexico

I have NEVER had an instructor on any level of education teach like Robert. His "how-to" was immediately followed up with a "why-it-is" done that way; and either process proceeded with a demonstration. Explanations of the finest details were complemented by the book/training guides and tips. By far the best learning experience I have ever experienced…Period.

Maria G. ~ Arizona

Actually, being a girl, coming to this school, I was nervous; but once I got here, Robert was great at making me just one of the guys". I learned so much. Best decision I made. Thanks again!"

Trent P. ~ Indiana

I will definitely go back ready-to-tint and car with confidence.

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