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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Jan Y. ~ California, Stephen W. ~ New Mexico, Joe L. ~ New Mexico, Kenny K. ~ Oregon

Jan Y. ~ California

I had an EXCELLENT overall experience! The course had an easy flow of information, along with sharing of ideas. I truly believe we learned all the tricks that we needed. Thank you!

Stephen W. ~ New Mexico

As soon as I set foot in the class, and had an hour of class time, I felt really glad I came to THIS school. By day 3, knowing what know now, I probably would have paid more!

Joe L. ~ New Mexico

Robert definitely knows what he is doing and is very patient with the students. He is genuine about his eagerness to teach us everything that we need to know to get ahead in the right direction to become a professional tinter.

Kenny K. ~ Oregon

This is an amazing course. To be able to learn from someone who knows everything about this industry is priceless! It's like taking 5 years of experience, if we had to do it on our own with trail and error, and putting into 5 days for us. Even though there was another school closer to me, I definitely don't regret the decision to spend the money to come here, because I learned to be the Best of the Best! Well Worth it!

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