Personal Comments


My experience attending this school was excellent.  I came all the way from Costa Rica with only a wish, and now I am sure I am going to have that wish...a profitable business.  The instructor is excellent.

Javier P. ~ Costa Rica

Outstanding and Excellent! The knowledge and techniques will blow you away! Itís easy to pick up the tools and go, you just need to practice over and over.  I canít say anything bad about my experience here.  Itís a once in a lifetime opportunity that needs to be taken.  The sandwiches are ďda bombĒ so fresh and tasty!

Nathan S. ~ Missouri

I found this school ( one of the best because Robert (the instructor) is very knowledgeable.  He knows what he was doing throughout the whole program.  I really appreciated the school and will recommend this to someone looking for a great tinting school!

Paul E. ~ Georgia