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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Jose Z. ~ Texas, Jaime V. ~ California, Alex M. ~ Arizona, Ernesto O. ~ California

Jose Z. ~ Texas

At first, I think I decided to register because the school looked very professional, then I contacted the school and it was even more convincing! I admit there was a little bit of a language barrier for me to overcome and it got me nervous at times, but overall the experience was EXCELLENT and I would highly recommend it.

Jaime V. ~ California

I was skeptical at first and didn't really think I would learn the trade in only 5 days. Also, I thought YouTube and blogs would help; but after attending I would find out that I should have came a long time ago. Rob is the BEST instructor EVER!!! …and killer sandwiches too! Thank you!

Alex M. ~ Arizona

Bottom line: You want to learn how to tint…this IS the place to come!

Ernesto O. ~ California

Overall the program is so understanding and improves your mentality to move forward in this trade. I know see how there is plenty of work out there just waiting for me when I return!

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