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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Mitch C. ~ California, Artour P. ~ California, David B. ~ California, Danny D. ~ California

Mitch C. ~ California

Awesome instructor! Very informative class; I could have not asked for a better solution to an automotive tinting class!

Artour P. ~ California

Amazing!!! I had some knowledge of tinting, but I wanted to start fresh. I learned so much from the meaning, the purpose, why it's used, how it's made and what all of this means to me in the end…this class gave that to me! I feel like I have a lot more knowledge of tinting now to have that competitive edge. Thanks, Robert!

David B. ~ California

Robert is an excellent instructor and teaches the "art" of window tinting so you can learn the RIGHT WAY!

Danny D. ~ California

Excellent school and training! THE best instructor I EVER had! I had so much fun and learned at the same time. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ROBERT!

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