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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Rex L. ~ Hawaii, Chris C. ~ Florida, Ron M. ~ California, Patricia S. ~ California

Rex L. ~ Hawaii

Where else can you go to school and have so much fun at the same time!!! Excellent overall training experience!

Chris C. ~ Florida

This class brought me back to "high school days". Nothing is better when having to learn a bunch of important and tedious information - then having fun while doing it! Robert is a killer teacher. He has a great way of teaching the tinting trade and I would definitely recommend this class to everyone!

Ron M. ~ California

Robert – Thank you very much for everything!

Patricia S. ~ California

I have to say, Robert, you made the learning experience fun, exciting and really easy to understand. Also, the way you handled all the questions I had was extremely helpful. I've never had a teacher like that, so thank you for being an awesome motivator and instructor…you are truly the reason why this course works!!!

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