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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Robert D. ~ California, Scott G. ~ Michigan, Eduardo A. ~ California, Josh H. ~ Colorado

Robert D. ~ California

I liked the fact the training is small with only 4 students max per class. I felt that Robert had plenty of time to spend with each one of us and that really helped me understand each lesson in greater detail…awesome school!

Scott G. ~ Michigan

The entire curriculum was extremely impressive. Robert has a full and productive agenda each day…he doesn't miss anything! Thank you for the amazing experience!

Eduardo A. ~ California

It was really easy to understand. I liked how everything was taught in sections and the instructor, Robert, never jumped to another subject until he finished the one he was teaching and made sure all our questions were answered. A+++

Josh H. ~ Colorado

This course was amazing! I now feel 100% confident I can progress and succeed in this trade. With the small class size, it made it easy for me to get all my questions answered, plus giving me more one-on-one time with the instructor…don't change a thing!

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