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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Rodrigo V. ~ California, Kyle M. ~ California, Rafael G. ~ California, Carlos A. ~ California

Rodrigo V. ~ California opened a whole new world for me. I feel more confident and capable to get the job done!!! It is amazing all you can learn in just one week…its well worth it!

Kyle M. ~ California

If you are an inexperienced window tinter and want to learn, and take pride in what you do, I promise you that there is NO ONE out there better to teach you than Robert. He's a great teacher that takes pride in his students…you will not be disappointed.

Rafael G. ~ California

I can say that the instructor is THE BEST ONE I've even seen. He taught everything step-by-step along with working with you one-on-one. He's super fun to learn with!

Carlos A. ~ California

I am very happy that I did the right decision to come to and I would like to thank Mr. Robert. He's the bomb and a very nice guy and smart too. So for you guys that want to become a window tinter, go to Mr. Robert and I guarantee that you learn at lot! Thanks, Mr. Robert.

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