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Endorsements from Dong

Dong "Tiger" L. ~ California

Excellent Class! Well worth it!!!

Marty V. ~ New Mexico

This was a very good class! I learned a lot of new stuff in the class. I really liked the fact that there were no distractions. I would definitely recommend!!!

David O. ~ California

The course moves at the right pace. It builds you from the bottom up using the right techniques and fundamentals to understand and grow in this trade. The instructor was efficient and took the time to answer questions and had the patients to guide you if you were struggling. Great Course! Great Instructor! Fun Atmosphere! ...the perfect way to learn!

Roberto L. ~ California

Personally I loved the way the instructor took the time to explain and help you understand. You don't need any knowledge about the trade and the way he teaches you, you learn a lot! I loved it! ...Si no saber ingles no importa animate y se un estudiante mas te lo recomiendo.

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