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Personal Comments

Endorsements from Tony C. ~ California, Steve M. ~ California, Jason J. ~ Kentucky, Peter S. ~ Nevada

Tony C. ~ California

This program was great! I had doubts at first because how short the Automotive Course was, but now I know why the waiting list was two months long when I registered! Rob was very informative and knowledgeable and more than willing to teach you his secrets! I will definitely refer this course to anyone!

Steve M. ~ California

Bottom line…well worth the money!!!

Jason J. ~ Kentucky

Everything was so great that I only wish the Automotive Course was longer! Robert is THE best teacher I’ve ever had. Initially I thought the overall cost was expensive, but I know it will pay off in the long run.

Peter S. ~ Nevada

I was hesitant about spending the money on taking the course, due to having a plotter to pre-cut the tint, but after speaking with Robert he told me “you’ll be cutting faster by hand when you leave my course”; so I wanted a challenge to see and sure enough it IS quicker and more accurate hand cutting! With the plotter, by the time you get your program up, set up the film, waiting for it to cut, then fumbling with the mis-cut patterns, I had already cut ALL my windows by hand right the first time…amazing!

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