Shopping Cart Terms and Conditions

Please shop with confidence knowing we adhere to a strict privacy policy which means your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed to any third parties.

You the Student/Cardholder/Purchaser [herein "you", "your"] authorize Windowtinting, Inc. DBA [herein "WT", "us", "we"] to complete your purchase and charge, submit and/or process your payment transaction(s) with your credit/debit card and/or PayPal account for any and all amount(s) due noted on the Student Agreement, this Shopping Cart and/or verbally agreed upon, and agree to all of the Terms & Conditions of the Shopping Cart and/or the Student Agreement.

In the event you default on or dispute any payment(s), then the Cardholder and/or the Student are equally responsible for any and all payment(s) obligations and subject to all Terms & Conditions of the Student Agreement and/or this Shopping Cart Terms and Conditions.

WT reserves the right to change prices at any time. In the event of such change, confirmed registrations and/or purchases will be honored at the original price and registrations and/or purchases completed within 30 days of a price increase will also be honored at the original purchase price, at the discretion of WT.

Most purchases do not include sales, use, service, value added or like taxes or customs duties. Such taxes and/or duties, when applicable, will be included in your purchase.

As described on the WT web site, the Application Fee(s)*, First Payment(s) and Last Payment(s), or any Quick Pay-in-Full Payment(s), along with a Student Agreement must be received no later than 15 days prior to your registered Start Date; unless otherwise agreed. *The Application Fee(s) can be refundable only if it's NOT included with the First Payment, which in turn starts the registration process. Also, this exception is ONLY good for one year from the date of its submission and after that it will not be refunded; unless claimed by Student/Cardholder in writing during this one-year period.